The International Arab Certified Management Accountant (IACMA)

Overall Objective:

To qualify the participants to the highest levels in the field of management accounting to enable them to analyze the financial statements in accordance with financial reporting standards, to undertake risk management and increase knowledge in many fields of management, financial accounting, cost accounting and finance.

- Target Groups This certificate is targeting specialists in administrative and financial fields, including:
• Accountants responsible for preparing management reports
• Accountants
• Accountants who obtained IACPA, CPA and/or CA or other qualifications
• Financial managers who need a certification for their expertise to support them to perform their administrative duties appropriately and on a scientifically developed approach
• Specialists in auditing and financial business sector
• Financial personnel in the public sector
• Workers in the investment and banking sectors

 - IACMA Curriculum Outlines:
• Part One: “Financial and Cost Accounting”
• Part Two: “Managerial Accounting and Financial Management”
* Candidates obtaining the IACPA certificate are exempted from sitting for this part.

- IACMA Exam Fees:
Examination fees after accepting the application for registration, including registration fees, examinations, and curriculum and references textbooks are USD 1000.