Training Courses in accordance to the Continuing Education program

.Training Course for Training and Professional Qualifying Purposes:

1 - Arab Certified Professional Accountant (IACPA)

2 - Jordanian Certified Public Accountant (JCPA)

3 - Course on Islamic Finance Instruments

No. Specialized Training Courses in Accounting and Auditing:

1 - Accounting for non-accountants

2 - Skills of planning, forecasting and budgeting using spreadsheets

3 - Preparing and presenting financial statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards

4 - Control and auditing in the context of information technology

5 - Advanced financial accounting

6 - Advanced financial analysis using Excel

7 - Auditing in a computer-based environment

8 - Cost accounting outputs in decision making

9 - Financial performance evaluation

10- Measurements of failure and default using financial analysis

11- Preparing the budget of financially independent administrative units

12- Money laundering

13- Measurement of unit performance efficiency using financial analysis

14- Privatization and economic growth

15- Income and sales taxes and their applications in accounting terms

16- Financial instruments: Recognition & Measurement as per IAS 39

17- Preparation of cash flow statement and its importance in evaluating the entity's financial position

18- International Accounting Standards and their latest amendments

19- International Standards on Auditing and their latest amendments

20- Advanced financial analysis

21- General Sales Tax Law and its latest amendments

22- Basics of investment in stock and bonds

23- Work mechanism in financial markets

24- Global crisis impact on Islamic financial institutions

25- Fraud in companies

26- Effective methods of cost rationalization and profit maximization

27- Effective planning budgets

28- Modern techniques in accounting systems.